It's Time to REVEAL Your PASSION and SPIRITUAL Gifts Connection to START & GROW Your BUSINESS

hosted by: tamra andress

Have you explored your spiritual gift connected to your passion? Your gift to juggle dozens of things is not something everyone has. This ability to multi-task is one that allows you to reach others in many different ways. 

Here are profitable opportunities to expand your passion as a Marketplace Minister: business coach, life coach, speaker, writer, event or retreat host

Uplifting calling statement - Juggling #allthethings helps me to share through my multiple gifts and talents in different ways to minister to others in many ways. 

Tune in to Tamra sharing the quick snap shot overview of your individualized blueprint!
This road map helps to create clarity, peace of mind, and action connected to your prosperity!


Here are profitable opportunities to expand your passion as a Marketplace Minister:

Start-up Profit Margins for each opportunity if constructed correctly! 

Coaching - $50k/annually
Speaker- $5k/gig
Writer/Author - $5k per publish 
Event host - $50k post event
Retreat host - $10k per retreat

You have your profit-identity…now what? 

Curious how you attain and connect the profit to your gifts?

Still feeling unsure of what step to take next?


Maximizing your impact starts with action.
And purpose activation is our M.O.

Definition: M.O. - our personal swagger

Becoming any “identity” is a process to profit roadmap where you REAP your promised Harvest!

1. Recognition - of who you were “You aren’t who you once were.”

2. Elevation - of who you want to become “You have untapped potential that you’ want to awaken.”

3. Activation - of the new characteristics, habits and intentions “You develop new learned traits.”

4. Profit - of your new identity “You have taken on a new wine skin."

don't stop now


profit now