A woman's devotional

more than enough...

Finding Joy in God AND Breaking Out of the Boxes the World Puts Us In.


Jori O'Neale
Penny Sampler
Heather Demorest
Stefani Pady
melissa hughes
Sandra Coates

Crystal Hall
Teresa Nichols
Marisa Snyder
Samantha Reimold
Jenny Ingels
tamra andress

Rachel Rector
Robin Gulley
Victoria Ciresi
Gina Aubrey-Wertz

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"We are linked, both as Eves and as Esthers."

You are more than...

More than a Religion
More Than a Mom
More than a Wife

devotional chapter themes

More than My Past
More than my body
More than my job

Ladies, it's time to obliterate shame & activate your purpose!

available for purchase SEPTEMBER 2024!

Esthers willing to speak up for the marginalized
Deborahs sitting at the table with men and standing her ground
Abigails who refuse to remain silent in the name of justice
Ruth’s who have fought and are still fighting to break generational curses
Hannahs who carry the heart of a mama no matter their call, mission, or age
Sarah’s who remain steadfast in faith, patiently waiting for the fulfillment of His promises
Rahabs who undermined their value from an unspoken past that left you empty and isolated and yet led you to Jesus
Marthas running around making the most of this precious life and homes
Marys who have found rest in Him and still perhaps struggle with an internal battle or past
To all the beautiful helpmates, the Ezer Kenegdos.

What people are saying....

"Man gives titles. God gifts assignments. Because you’re precious in His sight, He sees you . . . El Roi. In More Than Enough, you’re going to feel seen by the God who wove every fabric of your being, while also being encouraged that you’re already enough, right where you are."

Lisa Lou, founder of Lisa Lou Fitness, Age in Reverse Podcast, health, life, and wellness coach, Faith Forward Age Backward (F.F.A.B.) Energy Transformation

"Few things inspire my weary heart more than the testimonies of women who have encountered Jesus in their own weary seasons. We’re told in John’s Revelation that the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of His saints are the two secret ingredients we need to overcome adversity! Perhaps you’ve known the cleansing flow of Christ’s blood, but you still struggle to break free from the chains that bind you, the fears that plague you, and the self-doubt that keeps you small and silent. These women share their stories and testimonies, of the bondage-breaking power of God at work in a woman’s life! It’s time to overcome!" 

Wendy Speake, author of The 40-Day Sugar Fast, The 40-Day Feast, and other books

"More Than Enough: A Woman’s Devotional is an absolute must-have for women of all ages. This devotional is a beacon of empowerment, guiding women to break free from societal constraints and find their true worth in Christ. With magnetic energy and the devotional’s life-transforming principles, Tamra and the collection of authors have crafted a masterpiece that promises to uplift and inspire women on their journey to lasting fulfillment."

Krystal Parker, president, of the US Christian Chamber of Commerce

A New York

A Christian Publishing House dedicated to bringing the stories of founders, innovators and trailblazers to life. Encompassing a shared mission with F.I.T. in Faith Media, the emphasis on obliterating shame and activating purpose opens conversations around mental, physical, relational, financial and spiritual health and wholeness journeys, often directly associated to their rooted identity and purpose driven life.

Tamra Andress is a 6x #1 best selling author (…and counting) featured in Forbes, USA Today and many other well known publications. She’s keynote speaker, and top podcaster - with The messenger Movement podcast and 2 other shows. She’s a serial entrepreneur who works with high capacity christian leaders to become millionaire messengers and share the Good News. She is wildly in love with words and The Word! Through her publishing company, F.I.T. in Faith Press, she catalyzes messengers in the marketplace by building buisnesstry through publishing, podcasting and platform development while keeping play at the core! Her non-profit, The Founder Collective, focuses on ordaining and sustaining marketplace ministers.

Tamra can't wait to share in this experience with you!

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