The Raw AND Real Stories of a Woman’s Road to Redemption.

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Before SHE



personal, transformative relationship that Jesus invites us into.

Many fail to grasp that being truly known by Him entails vulnerability, surrender, and a willingness to confront one’s deepest self. It requires acknowledging our brokenness, seeking forgiveness, and accepting unconditional love.

Intimately knowing Jesus goes beyond mere acquaintance; it involves a profound journey of faith, where His presence becomes palpable in our daily lives, guiding decisions, comforting in trials, and empowering in weaknesses. Embracing this deeper understanding necessitates letting go of superficial knowledge and embracing a relationship that defines identity, purpose, and eternity.


The world often settles for a surface-level knowledge of Jesus, perceiving him through historical accounts, religious teachings, or cultural references. This "knowing" is comfortable yet distant, focusing on facts and beliefs rather than the





this devotional will navigate the relational journey of how to move from Sunday service to rich daily intimacy with christ

together we will dissect the process of becoming more like Christ from a biblical lens

we will explore the sweet convictions of the refinement process to encouage others in their walk with jesus

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In the sacred pages of Before She Knew Jesus women will share raw and unfiltered stories of redemption. Each narrative unfolds as a testament to the transformative journey from merely "knowing" Jesus to experiencing the profound reality of being truly known by Him, and in turn, intimately knowing Him. These stories resonate with the echoes of struggle and triumph, doubt and faith, brokenness and healing. They weave together a tapestry of vulnerability and courage, revealing how encounters with grace in the darkest valleys illuminated the path to profound intimacy with the Divine. The chapters will unveil the depth of personal encounters with Jesus Christ, inviting women into a deeper relationship where they are not only followers but beloved and fully known daughters of God. 



We understand that sharing personal stories can be vulnerable.

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your submissions will be treated with utmost respect and confidentiality.

We appreciate your willingness to trust us with your journey.

Paul persecuted Christians, was knocked off his horse and blinded by the Light.

Noemi lost her husband and sons, had to leave her homeland and travel with her daughter-in-law in hopes to finding a Kinsman Redeemer!

Peter walked on water, traveled with Jesus and still denied Him before the crucifixion.

Each of us carries a unique and authentic journey, the path we've traveled in discovering and being known by Jesus.

Share your story of profound redemption that led you to encounter Jesus directly...


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