Have you kept your faith separate from your business? How is that working out for you?

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Are you ready to be a joy-full entrepreneur?

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Spiritual Growth


We believe Business is ministry and ministry is business! 

what if?

You could mesh your deep rooted values and faith with your passion-driven business?

This one integration launched you into your greatest abundance and ultimate joy?

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Tamra and the F.I.T. In Faith Media team brought together 20 authors in different businesses across the country to give the behind the curtain, insider secrets on why and how they are Joy-full Entrepreneurs. 

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It’s a resource.

It’s Truth & Testimonies.

It’s a business asset.

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meet the authors

tamra andress

Aaron Bellar

ryan austin

angela bellar

keith & lillin callaway

Hope carpenter

Brenda cornwell

sharon davenport

marcus ellis

anthony hart

kim harrison

dr. nicole roberts jones

christin kingsbury

dr. michelle lappin

Alicia ober

Kevin Mullens

janis rodgers

dr. genie snyder

pamela snyder

darryll stinson

You want to bring more joy into your business and/or professional life.

You want to make God the center of your business but not sure how.

You are an entrepreneur looking for more.

Your desire is to build the Kingdom.

You want to be inspired to live differently.

You want first-hand knowledge from someone who has been through it.

You are looking for fresh perspective on being an entrepreneur.

You want to learn from other people’s mistakes and journeys.

You want to hear from other Christian entrepreneurs.


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Equip the found.

Find the lost.

Unite the mission.

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Our mission as a publishing company is to obliterate shame and activate purpose with our books! 

We can’t promise a “Best Seller” but we can ensure the Best Seller features. 

This white glove experience takes the pressure off the author and instead allows them to fully enjoy the process and immerse themself in the impact element rather than be inundated with details. 

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Work alongside 4x best-selling author and F.I.T. in Faith Press Founder, Tamra Andress, and the incredible F.I.T. Team, who hit #1 in 20 categories between only 2 books!

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