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A book Launch Team Member acts a sounding board and megaphone to the messengers/authors of this book! You’ll be given specific direction on practical ways you can help this book build momentum, personal guidance from an on-the-ground marketer, and personal interaction with the authors! Plus support in your own author journey...


"We know it is not by works that we receive our identity or salvation in God, and yet the social and financial hierarchical structure of society has warped our reality of value and the truth of what we want vs. need. Consumerism, rather than consecration, has engulfed us."
             - Tamra Andress,
                5x Best SEller 

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Tamra and the F.I.T. In Faith Media team brought together 17 authors in different businesses across the country to give the behind the curtain, insider secrets on supernatural business scaling tactics!

some of the question answered inside:

  • What signs have you been given to keep blazing the trail
  • How do you allow supernatural signs to direct your path, process, profit plan and partnerships in business?
  • What has been your biggest challenge or trial in keeping your joy as an entrepreneur and leader?
  • How do you market your business and faith?
  • What wisdom or encouragement would you give someone who has never blended their faith and business strategy as one? How has it aided in your profitability?

It’s a resource.

It’s Truth & Testimonies.

It’s a business asset.

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The Mobilized Church.

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this is # 2 

of the Joy-full Entrepreneur Series! 

Our first book hit best seller in 10 categories and is serving marketplace ministers around the country! We are thrilled for #2 to hit the shelves, the hearts and the businesses!
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