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This 2.5 hour faith-filled experience is to help visionary leaders who want to launch & GROW their missions through speaking, teaching, and/or writing so they can activate in clarity and confidence and gain traction through their marketplace ministry business!

Monday, August 14th @ 11am - 1:30pm EST

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Live Q & A - Bring Your ?s Funnel Design
Business Asset Plan & Timeline
Prayer & Fellowship

This is your opportunity to...


Clarify your NEXT step
Trade Secrets to become top 1%
6-figure Power Plan
Momentum Tools to Grow 

​Training with Tamra isn't TYPICAL!
Be prepared to laugh, cry, meditate, dance, pray and ACTIVATE.

Tamra is a top 1% earner in the coaching industry 
A top 1% Podcaster
And a top 1% Author
(on the way to the top 1% of the 1% in all categories)

Do those numbers mean nothing to you?
They will by the time you leave the training!

But at the end of the day...Tamra's heart is that her business growth never trumps her faith scale!
She wants to ensure you stay grounded too.

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Tamra Andress is a dynamic speaker and personal branding expert focused on amplifying the messages and movements of marketplace ministers. With over 15 years in business building and branding, she has found her passion in the thought leadership space. She’s a 3x best selling author and founder of The F.I.T. in Faith Media & Press Publishing Company. Her podcast, F.I.T. in Faith, is 5 seasons in and globally ranked in the top .3% of all shows with over 350 interviews with founders, innovators and trailblazers investigating and sharing about faith and business.

Her favorite methodology for growing brands and business is through partnering to build critical business assets for other coaches and through experiential opportunities like annual conferences (The Founder Con), in-person events, and international personal and professional development retreats, like podcasting, book writing, and stage speaking. She has served 1000’s of start-up and growing visionaries by shifting them from dream-state to purposed & prosperous activation – and never misses an opportunity for joy and adventure!

Kingdom Business Coach

Get to know Tamra

Samantha Reimold

Who invited you

Samantha is an amazing mom of 2, loves God, and loves people.  She is a Momma who is on a journey to growing closer to God and finding purpose in everyday life, which is what led her to collaborating with Tamra and The F.I.T. in Faith Team. 

"I feel pulled to spread Gods word and his kingdom. I want to form true connections with people outside of my comfort zone."

Clarity comes by faith in action





who is this for?




Are you a good steward of your money?
Do you see the money you earn as God's money and, therefore, a manager of His money?
Do you manage God's money responsibly and make financial business decisions with Him at the center?

The Bible says that the world is the Lord’s and everything in it. That means even the money we make does not belong to us. We found it here, and we shall leave it here. (Psalm 24:1)

In this virtual event, take a peek into what it takes to build a financially sound business with Jesus at the heart. Kingdom stewardship means understanding the condition of your assets, needs versus wants, and getting the most out of your business with the money God has blessed you with. 

He cares about your you? 

There are 2350 verses in the Bible about money. That should be a good indicator of how much He wants us to be good stewards of our finances.

Did you know?

will I need to pay for this event?

Tamra truly relies on the Holy Spirit to guide her teaching. Every training experience is different, even if it is the same topics. Unlike the classic webinar or virtual event that is just teaching what to do, Tamra will also show you HOW to do it most effectively and teach the insider secrets to what has worked for the for profit and non-profit growth plans for her companies. You will also leave with your action planned that will be developed in the training.

what makes this training unique?

The F.I.T. in Faith community is comprised of a plethora of Kingdom leaders. A majority are coaches, marketplace ministry leaders, content & online course creators, conference and retreat hosts and podcasters; however, while this may appear to be focused on entrepreneurs we also celebrate the role of intrapreneurs in companies who also have unique gifting integrated to support the Kingdom.

who is this training for?

Yes, this is a LIVE virtual experience on zoom. Tamra loves in person experiences even more - feel free to check out her events page to see where she is next. 

Is this a LIVE Training?

Tamra and the F.I.T. Team will offer virtual experiences for learning 1x a month at varied days and times to help accommodate everyone's schedules. The topics may change quarterly. 

Is this a one time only event?

Monday, August 14th from 11AM EST - 1:30PM EST

When is the training?

Have Questions? We've got answers.

Nope! This is a complementary opportunity to learn from Tamra and activate for the Kingdom. If Tamra can water one seed, she will! 

Is there going to be a pitch?

This is 100% a value driven training. Your energy and investment of time are precious to Tamra. You will hear about F.I.T. in Faith's unique zone of genius to support you, but nothing will be for sale on the call/training. No "limited time only" pitches happening here.

Why do something for free?

This is a way for us to build your trust by getting you “results-in-advance.” If it works out for you, then there’s a chance you might want to join some of our paid training or asset building adventures in the future. 

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